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I live in sunny and gorgeous San Francisco, allowing Westness to mellow my East Coast whelping. For my SEO robot friends, I should note that my voice is: deep, real, smooth, authentic, rich, cool, hip, story-teller, knowledgeable, smart, confident, passionate, sexy, textured, and gritty. But more importantly, I am flexible--at least vocally. Some might even say supple, though that "one" is me. I perform with intention and emotion, except in those rare cases where the client is looking for a listless robot. And even then I perform the hell out of it. 

I study and work with with famed VO talent and coaches/directors/producers Jodi Gottlieb, Dave Walsh, Joyce Castellanos, Jeff Howell, David Lyerly, Marc Cashman, and Chuck Duran. I have extensive theater, sketch comedy, film, television, and radio experience. I've been lead in dozens of plays and appeared in venues as varied as the Shakespeare Theatre, DCAC, and Source. I've also taught comedy writing and performance.

In short: I deliver compelling, authentic voiceover. If that sounds good--and you know it does--then use this tiresome form to get in touch.


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  • Neumann U87
  • Sennheiser 416


  • Custom built, ATS 4" panels and Auralex heavy bass traps / additional lining


  • UA Apollo 8


  • Source Connect
  • ISDN
  • Skype
  • Phone patch



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